Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What can be a passive house in your region with your climate?

Dr. Wolfgang Feist tells us that specific Passive House solutions must be adapted for each region and climate. He says the "Passive house method" can be used to design buildingd to suit there location and climate. The peak heating load of 10w/m2 is critical to the the energy efficiency of the building. Once the peak heating load is less than this, the ventilation system can be used for space heating and a separate heating system is no longer required. Other methods for finding a passive house solution are 1) technologies such as insulation, shading, high efficiency appliances 2) use a heat recovery ventilation system. It is important to keep comfort at a high level, control affordability, use insulation, use shading in all climates with high levels of radiation, ventilators in HRVS should be highly efficient, the ground could be used as a heat or cold buffer.
The Parametric Study method checks for energy demands, financial investment and healthy indoor climate. The Parametric study is performed using a computerised thermal building model. Using this model the Passive House Institute can successfully develop solutions for varying climates.

Above is a video of a  passive house built in Galway with its owners and builder describing it

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